technology support

For questions or to request additional support, please email:

Signing into a District-Provided Chromebook

  • The device should turn on when you open the lid. If it does not power on, turn on the device using the power button.

  • Select your wireless network from the menu (You may have to scroll to see it).

  • Enter the network password if prompted.

  • Once connected, you will be prompted to sign in using your District email address and password.

    • Username:

    • Password: stu##### (where the #'s represent your student ID number)

Add chrome profile (on a Desktop or Laptop)

1. Open Google Chrome. If needed, you can install Chrome using the instructions linked here.

2. Select the profile menu in the upper right corner.

3. Select Add from the menu.

4. At the Add person page, please do the following:

    • A. Type in a name to identify the account. (CCSD, Jane’s School, etc.)

    • B. Select an identifiable account picture.

    • C. Check the box to create a desktop shortcut for easy access.

    • D. When done, click the Add button.

5. On the Chrome Start Page, click Already a Chrome user? Sign In.

6. Enter your school email ( and click Next.

7. Enter the password for your school account (stu##### where the #’s are your student ID number), then click Next.

8. Click the Link Data button to sync your bookmarks and other settings.

9. When you use Chrome, now, you may see multiple icons for Chrome with different profiles on your desktop or taskbar.

More information about adding a profile to Chrome can be found here.