Cafeteria Information

Link to both High School and Woodland Cafeteria Menus: Cameron County School District Menus

Cameron County School District Cafeteria Pricing: Cafeteria Pricing 2019-20

Elementary School

Elementary Breakfast (K-6) - $0.95

Reduced Breakfast (K-6) - $0.30

Elementary Lunch (K-6) - $1.90

Reduced Lunch (K-6) - $0.40

High School

High School Breakfast (7-12) - $1.00

Reduced Breakfast (7-12) - $0.30

High School Lunch (7-12) - $2.00

Reduced Lunch (7-12) - $0.40

Adult Pricing

Adult Breakfast - $1.50

Adult Lunch - $3.00

Adult Salad - $3.00

Adult Entree - $2.00


Extra Breakfast Entrée: $1.00

Extra Lunch Entrée: $1.25

Fruit / Vegetable: $0.60

Soup: $0.50

Dinner Roll / Bread / Croutons: $0.50

Bottled Water: $0.75

Milk: $0.40

Gatorade G2: $1.00

Switch: $1.00

Flavored Water: $1.25

Sparkling Ice: $1.50

Beef Stick: $0.85

Rice Krispie Treat: $1.00

Welch's Berries & Cherries: $0.75

All Chips: $1.00

Hershey’s Ice Cream Cone or Sandwich: $1.25

Hershey’s Stick or Cup: $0.75

Pretzels/Popcorn/Kids Mix/Cheetos: $0.75

Summer Food Program

The prices listed for both the Elementary and High Schools are based on the Paid Equity for School Meals program.

For more information about the availability and location of free meals for students via the Summer Food Service Program:

Free And Reduced Meal (FARM) Application and Information

Your children may qualify for free or reduced price meals. Reduced price meals are $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch.

Please see the attached PDFs below for the Parent/Guardian Letter to Households, FARM Application, and FARM Application Instructions. In addition, please see the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement PDF as well.

You may apply for free or reduced price meals online at or by downloading the SchoolCafe app at the App Store or Google Play.