Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Welcome to the Curriculum Information area of the Cameron County School District. The district aligns its curriculum with the Standards Aligned System (SAS) of the Pennsylvania department of Education (PDE). This framework allows for common standards to be taught at schools throughout the Commonwealth as a means of preparing students to be college and/or career ready after graduation.

The District currently provides its students with a rich curriculum designed to prepare students for their futures. This may include entrance into traditional four-year colleges/universities, trade or technical colleges, the military, or the workforce. PA Act 339 programs at every grade level help our students actively participate in projects or activities design to prepare them for the choices they will make after graduation.

The administrative team of the CCSD works in collaboration with the teachers, school board, and community to create, implement, and monitor the curriculum for a quality program that meets the needs of the students served by the district.