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April 2, 2020

Parents and students,

Thank you for completing the Student Internet Access survey – we had over a 90% completion rate. In addition to the survey, our faculty has been contacting the remaining households and providing the district with the needed survey information.

Based on the survey results and our faculty’s efforts, the majority of responses indicated that households have wireless internet and several devices in the home. That’s excellent for online learning and in that light, please continue to use your own devices! The district *does not* have enough devices to provide every student with one, and using your own device is going to be key in ensuring as many of our students as possible have online access.

In examining the survey results, the district does have enough devices to provide students in households that responded to “What type of Internet Access do you have in your home” with “Wireless Internet” and also indicated “zero” or at the most “one” device (desktop or laptop) within the household. In addition to the survey results, the district also considered the number of students per household, and will provide one device per two students per household, regardless of the number of desktops/laptops indicated (i.e. if a household has five students but only two laptops, the district will provide one additional device).

In addition to the above, if a household responded to “What type of Internet Access do you have in your home” with a response other than “Wireless Internet”, and the household *does* have internet capability, and a district device is needed, the household was also included in the district’s device count.

If you have questions or concerns, please email:

Device pickup for those households indicated above will be as follows:

Pickup Date: Monday, April 6th

Where: Woodland School - Front of Building

10:00-11:30 Students Alphabetically by Last Name: "A" to "F"

1:00-2:30 Students Alphabetically by Last Name: "G" to "N"

3:00-4:30 Students Alphabetically by Last Name: "O" to "Z"

Pickup Date: Tuesday, April 7th

Where: Woodland School - Front of Building

10:00-11:30 Anyone unable to make the times from yesterday.

Please pull to the front of the Woodland Elementary school. We will have two stations implemented for device pickup! Please stay in your vehicle, we’ll come to you! Please be patient!


March 30, 2020

Attention CCSD Parents and Students:

CCSD will begin a Remote Learning Program beginning on April 8, 2020. By restarting our instructional program, we will be able to provide appropriate instruction for our students and our school-related activities will count toward the completion of the school year.

As of April 8, our teachers will be prepared to provide instruction through online resources that already exist for our staff and students. Additionally, paper-based resources will be provided, as needed to those lacking Internet access. All instruction will adhere to current social distancing measures already in place.

A letter with more detailed information is being mailed today. In addition, we encourage all students to check their school email account at least once a day for more information from their individual teachers.

We will continue to post information on the district website and this Facebook page.

Please be sure you are practicing recommended social distancing guidelines and washing your hands often.

Let’s stay healthy CCSD family!

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The Cameron County School District is a community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, character, and excellence. Through a system of shared responsibilities, the Cameron County School District will strive to prepare students to function as responsible, productive citizens in a constantly changing world.