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  • Picture Retake Day is Monday, October 26, for any student who was absent or who would like their picture retaken. Simply return your original package on picture retake day.

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School District Health and Safety Reopening Plans

Each school entity in the Commonwealth must create a Health and Safety Plan which will serve as the local guidelines for all instructional and non- instructional school reopening activities. To that end, the Cameron County School District School Reopening Committee has met and developed multiple plans for the reopening of schools. Multiple plans are required because the science and public health conditions surrounding COVID-19 are continually evolving. This guidance will be updated as necessary when new information becomes available.

Please see the flowcharts associated with each plan below (use scroll bar). Please review these flowcharts and reach out to your child’s principal with any questions you may have.

FLOWCHART for Reopening Schools - 7-17-2020.pdf

Mission Statement

The Cameron County School District is a community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, character, and excellence. Through a system of shared responsibilities, the Cameron County School District will strive to prepare students to function as responsible, productive citizens in a constantly changing world.