cameron county

school district

601 Woodland Avenue | Emporium, PA 15834 | 814-486-4000 | F: 814-486-4003

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  • Easter break begins at 2:00 p.m. on April 18th and students return on April 24th. Happy Easter!

  • The Cameron County School District is selling the following surplus equipment: 16 drafting desks and 14 student chairs with folding desktops. Please contact Bill Smith at 814-486-4000, ext. 3750 to see the equipment.

  • If you now of any former students who are currently serving in our military, and would like their name published on our military board, please contact Wendy Goulding at 486-4000, ext 3951.

IMPORTANT PSSA PARENT ANNOUNCEMENT: PSSA testing will begin the week of April 15, 2019 during AM & PM time blocks. Students are allowed as much time as needed to complete the testing; however, they must finish testing on the same day. Students may remain after school to complete any unfinished worked. The school will contact parents by 2:45pm if extended time may be required for your child. The complete testing schedule can be found at the following link:

Mission Statement

The Cameron County School District is a community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, character, and excellence. Through a system of shared responsibilities, the Cameron County School District will strive to prepare students to function as responsible, productive citizens in a constantly changing world.